One of the UK’s largest and most trusted Outdoor Reared Pig Producers


Wold Farms Ltd is one of the largest outdoor reared pig producers in the United Kingdom. Our business started in Yorkshire and due to growth and expansion we now have farms across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the Midlands, enabling us to utilise the light free draining soils and relatively dry climate which suit outdoor pig farming. We pride ourselves on our professional management and absolute focus on the highest standards of pig welfare.

All our pigs are bred outdoors, before moving into large straw filled, naturally ventilated barns. We have a large number of contract pig finishers and always have opportunities for local farmers who would like to diversify into pig farming, whether that is renting out their land for breeding pigs or providing straw based accommodation for rearing and finishing.

We take full responsibility for the health and welfare of all our pigs and we regularly visit our contract finishing farmers to offer support and advice in all areas of pig health; breeding, rearing and finishing.

We share our expertise with the wider industry, with a focus on improving herd performance. Our representatives sit on the board of the National Pig Association, RSPCA Assurance and Red Tractor Accreditation schemes, giving us a platform to share our knowledge and also to benefit from industry insights.

Through responsible use and a strategic veterinary health plan, we remain consistently below the industry target for antibiotic usage.